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Crown Duchess of Cambridge MLC


Our playful happy girl Kitty is not only a smart cookie but so so beautiful with perfect conformation and the sweetest eyes. She likes people but love, LOVES kids. She has the gentlest heart and is a future Crown mama starting in 2020. Kitty is a pale English cream mini long-haired girl and weighs 9 lbs.

Crown Bailey’s Princess MLC


Bailey is a second generation Crown doxie and comes from some really great, loving parents, our now retired Bailey and daddy Julian. She is full of life and is so smart and sweet like her mama. We are excited about her future puppies, (expecting dapples, pale creams and shaded creams). Bailey is a black and cream mini long-haired dapple and weighs 9.5 lbs.

Crown Elizabeth’s Castle MLC


Our sweet Lizzie is a second generation Crown girl, her Sniffntells daddy Cotton has sired many beautiful Crown puppies. She is a mischievous, smart and loyal little girl, weighing a petite 8.5 lbs and has the fullest, fluffiest hair. We are expecting gorgeous shaded cream puppies from her.

Crown Azure Skye


Blue and cream dachshund

Meet Skye, a beautiful English blue and cream miniature long-haired sweetheart. Skye weighs 12 lbs and we are expecting pale and shaded creams, blue and creams and dapples from this gorgeous girl.

Crown Sniffntells Diva MLC


Meet our amazing Diva, a lightly shaded English cream long-haired girl with a rich Sniffntells heritage. She is shy, playful and curious but LOVES to snuggle.  Her favorite place in the world is to be curled up on the couch. Diva weighs 9.8 lbs.

Splendoxs Crown Phillipa



Pippa is the sweetest, most energetic little sweetheart and mama to our girl Kitty! She has the biggest heart and  is so smart. Her playful, outgoing personality is fun to be around, and she’s never one to turn down a good old fashioned belly rub. Pippa is a black and cream angel and is also quite petite weighing only 8.5 lbs.

Crown Bridgets Jewel MLC


Baby 9 months old cream dachshund longhaired miniature mini ee shaded doxie puppy-9523

Baby is a mellow, eager to please sweetheart and is a third generation Crown girl. She loves people and other dogs and has a gentle, easygoing personality like her grandma Eveline. Baby is a lightly shaded English cream longhaired mini dachshund weighing at 11.2 lbs. We are expecting gorgeous pale and shaded creams from her in the future.

Crown Lace at Windsor MLC


Lacey is a spunky, sweet princess and is a third generation Crown girl. She loves people like her daddy Percy and loves to explore and go on walks. Lacey is a lightly shaded English cream longhaired mini dachshund weighing at 10 lbs. She has had some gorgeous pale and shaded cream puppies.

Crown Charlotte Pretty in Pink MLC


Charli (pronounced Charlie) is a shy, loving sweetheart with a playful side. She has the lightest blonde coat and we are expecting some gorgeous pale cream babies from her. Charli is a pale cream English cream longhaired mini dachshund and weighs 9 lbs.