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Where are you located?

We are located near Loma Linda, CA (Reche Canyon) off  the 10/215 freeways.

Are your dogs American Kennel Club (AKC) certified?

Yes! All our dogs are AKC certified. Pedigrees are available on request.

Do you sell other kinds of dachshund puppies, like smooth-haired or standard size dachshunds?

Yes and no. All dachshunds are soo cute! However the creams have stolen our hearts and we have decided to only specialize in the long-haired English cream miniature dachshund variety. Our cream family now includes pale creams, shaded creams, black and creams and cream dapples. We also occasionally have other colors and short haired dachshunds. Feel free to check in if you’re looking for a particular color.

How much do your puppies cost?

Our pricing for shaded and pale creams range from $3000-4200 depending on coloring and gender. We occasionally also have other colors, including black and creams, dapples etc (that are priced higher or lower) please contact us for specifics and other details.

Will I get AKC papers with my puppy?

No, we do not provide AKC registration papers unless we receive proof of spay/neuter. We sell our puppies as pets only. We can provide you with a limited AKC application for your puppy after spaying/neutering if you request one before puppy is 1 years old.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes! We offer all new puppies a 1 year health guarantee against any life-threatening genetic defects through Nu Vet (please ask to see contract if you’re interested in this). Feel free to contact us for more information on Nu Vet supplements and other ways they can benefit your puppy!

Why do some puppies have the tear stains on their eyes?

We get this question a lot, and the short answer is it’s genetic and eventually goes away on it’s own. From our experience over 98% of puppies eventually outgrow them, usually once they’re a few months old. Our vet says it’s teething related, and we’ve also heard they’re caused by immature tear ducts. About 50% of our pale cream puppies have tears at some point starting at around 4-6 weeks old.

How much is a puppy deposit?

The deposit is 25% of the cost of the puppy, with the balance due in full at pickup. We cannot hold a puppy without a deposit, no exceptions.

How can I place a deposit on an upcoming litter?

You can make a deposit using any of the following methods:

1. Square Cash (any fees will be added to your balance due) $SusanKnapp

2. Zelle (free etransfer through your bank) via our email info@crowndachshunds.com

3. Venmo @crowndachshunds

4. Paypal PayPal.Me/crowndachshunds

(any fees will be added to your balance due)

5. Mail a check. You can send it to: Crown Dachshunds | PO Box 1522 | Loma Linda, CA 92354. If you mail a check, please let us know once you send it so we can officially add you to the list (we give it one week for check to arrive).

How many deposits do you take per litter?

We take 2-3 deposits per gender, per litter. Deposits are first come first served, and adds your name to our waiting list for a specific timeframe. We will move you up if there is availability sooner, unless you have asked otherwise. If there is no puppy born of your desired gender/color in the specific timeframe your deposit is on, you receive your deposit back or have the option to roll it over to the next availability. Besides that, all deposits are non-refundable (please don’t ask us to return it! We hate being the bad guy but this is non-negotiable).

Can I visit the parents of the puppy before I put a deposit down?

At this time we are not accepting visitors but hope that can change soon. We normally love visitors. Contact us to make an appointment and we may be able to work out a time in the future that works for all of us.

Can I come choose my puppy in person?

We are currently keeping visits to a minimum, and meeting outside if you are wanting to meet your puppy. Once the litter is born we ask that you give pups atleast 4 weeks to mature. After that you are able to come by and make your choice in person. We can also Skype or FaceTime if that works better for you.

At what age do I get to take my puppy home?

Puppies go home at 8 weeks. Puppies cannot go home earlier than 8 weeks.

I just sent you a message via email or text. When can I expect to hear back?

We will respond to all messages (text/emails) within 48 hours or less. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a reply to your voicemail, your best bet will be to try calling back or send us an email/text.

Please Note: We do not answer texts/calls/emails between Friday after sunset and Saturday before sunset.

I have more questions, how can I get ahold of you?

You are welcome to text us at (951) 223-1184 or email info@crowndachshunds.com. We do prefer phone appointments if you would like to chat in person as we are not always able to get to our phone and are not able to return voicemails at this time.

Please Note: We do not answer texts/calls/emails between Friday after sundown and Saturday before sundown. Texts/emails are our preferred method of communication but we can occasionally answer calls as we are able.